Fuel your workout

My go to source for quick fuel has been the hard boiled egg. Packed with protein which helps maximize muscle recovery the hard boiled egg has become my go to source for quick fuel.

As with most of my meals I prepare a head of time and just stick in the fridge for an easy grab snack or add-in to any meal.

One of the best ways I have come across to make these eggs are in the oven ~ Yes you read correctly, the oven! the eggs will come out perfect every time 🙂

Wowsers this makes egg peeling so much easier.

  • Preheat oven 325 eggs

Place eggs in a muffin tin

Set timer for 25 min


Place in cold water for about 5 min once done



3 thoughts on “Fuel your workout

  1. I would never think of doing that. I must try seeing I now have a child who is a vegetarian. Lots of eggs are being consumed in this house now.

    1. Lots of eggs being consumed in our house as well. Eggs have so much beneficial nutrients, that they are hard not to incorporate in my day.

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