Happy Saturday friends: tumblr_mjgu5gVBUv1s6635ho1_r2_500 Nothing like a great stretch after an intense workout.


Lately, I’ve been working on stretching my hips and hamstrings with splits and Arabesque’. What a super way to build strength, flexibility and enhance my running performance. Wall stretch

One thing that I’ve learned along the way is that you may have the flexibility to get your leg to your face, but only by strengthening your muscles will you be able to hold it there…In other words don’t be afraid of the weight room.

One of my favourite hip openers ~Frog stretch: Get into your frog position. Then press up like you are doing a cobra stretch.

Frog Stretch

I sometimes use a stretch band to pull into a deeper stretch. A popular stretch band being flexistretcherThe balletcougar has directions on how to make a homemade version.
Keep on stretching heart What’s your favourite stretch?

stretching cat


#stretch #allioasis #running


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