Believe in you & the things you’ll do…

Well hellooo to you wonderful coffeecoffee a little post work-out pick me up.

I’m relaxing in my garden, sunshine on my face…reminiscing over one of the most grueling workouts to date. I was a sweaty mess by the end but it was totally worth it.
I decided that climbing the Petit Pitons in St. Lucia would be a cool experience! and it was.
Look @ that smile..Ha only 20 mins into a 3000ft climb. ~If it wasn’t for physics and law enforcement I would be unstoppable ~

Piton climbWell what goes up must come down and after 4 hours of hiking my legs were like Jell-O. Did I mention that my fuel for the day was crème soda, rice crispy treats and a wee smidge of water! You’ll never guess what happened after I got down…puke long crème soda tongue smiley

If I ever get the opportunity to climb it again..I would fuel it with my favourite overnight blueberry chia oats (directions found here)baked banana chia seed oatmeal What is your favourite way to dress up your oatmeal?

Hope you enjoyed your week heart

XO. Alli

#hiking #happiness #allisoasis


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