Sigh…end of summer, already!

Labor Day is one of my favorite long weekends for savoring the last days of summer!

Okayyyy so don’t tell my beloved Ontario [highbush select] eggplant  but the mini finger eggplant [Lebanese varieties] may have just trumped my  bell-shaped love. Anyone else ever have this kind? SO GOOD!! But there’s also a bunch of interesting facts about them!  For example, did you know that they have nicotine in them? Wowsers! no worries, you’d have to eat like 20lbs to equal one cigarette. Anywaaaays smiley-face1

ate this out on the deck & enjoyed the warm weather what was your food highlight of the day?

eggplant All you need is 1 eggplant thinly sliced…(I coat mine with coconut oil and grill for more of a crunch)
1 cup bulgar wheat (Bobs Red mill)
5 table spoons extra virgin olive oil
cherry tomatoes and
1 table spoon of red wine vinegar

Grateful for a beautiful weekend. XO. Alli

#eggplant #cleaneating #allisoasis #vegetarian #health


2 thoughts on “Sigh…end of summer, already!

    1. Can’t say I’ve ever tried planting…I have a great local farm that grows these during the long summer months. I hear that in colder climates you can try planting in containers as these type of eggplants like a real warm soil.

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