Find Your Strong

Happy Sunday y’all! While I was a busy bee this weekend, I am off with my sister to visit family, so this weeks post is short but sweet!

Fuel of the week: One of the dishes that I love to make for family is my super sweet treat of grilled apricots smiley-face1 this is easy and I couldn’t wait to share…mmm grilled apricots.

I Stuffed them with sweetened mascarpone and plopped a blackberry on top, drizzled with honey and stuck them under my broiler. Seriously, that easy and mmm tastey goodness.grilled apricots

Move of the week: I’ve been out and about adventuring every day, and I crave that muscle challenge from a quick focused workout that keeps me energized, my posture in line, and my bum lifted. Great 2 for 1 work-out…Plie squats with overhead press (AMRAP)

Step feet wider than hip width apart, with toes rotated out slightly about 45 degrees, a dumbbell in each hand. Bend knees, tracking them over toes and hold plie position, making sure to keep knees rotated out over toes, not buckling in. Bring right arm in front of body and the left arm behind your left hip, turning upper body slightly to the left. Then, press both arms up overhead. That’s one rep. Repeat.

Hope your weekend is a great one!

XO. Alli
#apricots #healthyeating  #supersets #fitness #allisoasis


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